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Bryan Duarte, P. Eng.
CEO and Co-Founder

Bryan is an Entrepreneur and a licensed Professional Engineer with expertise in electricity, natural gas, water, and thermal infrastructures.  He is also one of the top industry experts with over 30 years in the energy and sustainability industries.

Bryan has an ongoing passion for creating and building. He likes challenging the status quo to help others see opportunities and ideas from a different perspective. His passion is now focused on realizing a New Emerging Energy Future for Canada and the World; a vision of creating new innovative energy and environmental solutions that go well beyond the traditional.

Joseph Witkin_edited.jpg
Joseph Witkin, LEED AP
VP, Sustainable Developments

Joseph is an expert in sustainability and green building technologies with experience in the solar technology field. His background includes an Honours Bachelor of Environmental Science from University of Toronto with a dual focus on sustainable technologies and healthy human environments.

Joseph has focused his career on green buildings by earning credentials for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, LEED AP BD+C for Building Design and Construction and by studying architecture and design for sustainable buildings with the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC). Joseph has a clear vision of how to help usher in the sustainability movement, and he guides Enliten's Sustainability business development strategy and initiatives including overseeing sales and project delivery on all sustainability projects.

Meet the Team
Aman Sahota, B.Sc. Sustainability Specialist
Saron Yohannes, B.Sc.
Sustainability Accounts Manager

Aman has learned sustainability through multiple lenses. He has encountered sustainability through policy, conservation, climate change, forestry, renewable energy, water systems and earth systems. He has a B.Sc., completing a double major in Forest Biomaterials Systems and Earth and Environmental Systems with a minor in Energy and Environment. 


Aman's technical understanding has allowed him to meet the clients' sustainability needs while providing them also financial benefits. Aman is looking to make meaningful changes in the world that not only impact the environment but help businesses succeed. Integrating social, economic and environmental factors leads to a sustainable future that he hopes to achieve. 

Saron completed her Honors Bachelor of Science at University of Toronto with a double major in Environmental Science and Health and Disease. She has a passion to raise awareness about sustainability and climate change. Throughout her undergraduate degree, she worked with U of T's Sustainability Office as a benchmarking tool researcher, conducted microplastic research, and worked in natural heritage conservation across Ontario. 
Saron believes that sustainability is not only achieved by developing efficient technology or reducing emissions, but also through fostering our human connection to nature to grow our sense of responsibility to the environment. Saron applies her passion by helping develop technical solutions in employee health/performance, green building, and energy efficiency. 

Bonnie Duarte, RSSW, PCC
Social Emotional Learning 

Bonnie is a Professional Certified Life Coach, a Registered Social Services Worker and has been coaching for over 20 years. She has dedicated her entire career to helping people heal, grow, and thrive; she is truly about creating resiliency within people.

Bonnie believes that Sustainability starts with people and that begins with greater self awareness so that they feel empowered to make the changes that are needed.  To that end, Bonnie brings a unique set of tools to the table; teaching people the necessary emotional and social skills that directly connect to positively impacting the business climate and culture.

Advisory Board

Fulvio - head shot.jpeg
Fulvio Ciano
Technology Integration Advisor

Fulvio is a highly qualified leader who can formulate and articulate business and technology strategies.  He has been working in the software and computer technology field for over 30 years with an in-depth understanding of almost every aspect of product and technology development.

Fulvio has a deep passion for technologies, both software, and hardware, to which he also brings along the ability to discern how best to integrate those technologies with their necessary human interactions.  He wants to share his love for the secret greatness of people and technology, particularly when they work together for a greater good.  He is focused on creating sustainable communities and he sees that it all starts with providing those communities with renewable energy and agricultural solutions.

Stuart has been a professional educator for over 18 years. He has spent years studying human development from psychological, biological and spiritual perspectives.  This learning gives him a unique understanding of how we learn and adapt to new concepts and ideas.

Stuart understands that any new solution or idea, no matter how great or advanced, can only be fulfilled if embraced by the people meant to benefit from it.  He recognizes that the 'how' in learning is more important than the ''what' and this distinction is fundamental for the delivery of training in these new energy and environmental technologies.  He challenges those around him to identify and remove the roadblocks to their or the projects success and fulfillment; and this is what he brings to the team, our partners and our customers.

Stuart McConnell 2.jpg
Stuart McConnell
Education and Training Advisor


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Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Ainsworth operates offices across Canada in most major cities and in both official languages.

Ainsworth is one of Canada’s leading integrated multi-trade companies providing high-quality technical trades services, including HVAC, mechanical, electrical, data cabling, and building and industrial automation for institutional, commercial, and industrial clients across the country. As an integrated multi-trade company, they offer end-to-end services and solutions for all asset maintenance and refurbishment requirements of their customers.

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Belanger Engineering are a team of Building Science Engineers involved with building repair and performance improvement. Their experience with structural, mechanical and electrical engineering involves both new and restorative construction.​

Their team presents options and recommendations for appropriate programs that consider the objectives of building owners and managers. Recommendations are made to serve the client’s best interests with regard to operations and budgetary objectives.

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Enliten is pleased to offer Health & Well-Being Services through its partnership with BluElephant Co.

Through the discipline of Yoga, BluElephant engages in a holistic approach to life. Come, learn what it means to live this discipline and to draw connections between mindfulness and sustainability.

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ClearVue PV has been working for years perfecting a technology that utilizes an age-old building material, one that protects us from and connects us to our environment, clear glass!

Their patented technology allows visible light to pass through a pane of glass, while the invisible wavelengths of light are deflected to the edges of the glass where they are converted into electricity.

ClearVue PV technology can transform a glass building into a massive solar panel, generating power where it’s needed, reducing power transmission requirements across large distances. Their technology is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and provides a sustainable and innovative new power generation capacity. ClearVue PV has the potential to add efficiency to automobiles, public transport, agriculture and mobile electronic devices.

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Cool Green Solutions are distributors for IceCOLD®.

IceCOLD® is a breakthrough, synthetically engineered catalyst designed to increase the efficiency and performance of your cooling and refrigerating systems. IceCOLD® will not only save you money but also energy and the environment, being developed as an environmentally friendly and non-toxic product.

IceCOLD® boosts the operating efficiency of systems that it is installed between 10% to 35% or greater meaning the system works less and uses less energy while delivering better performance and can be applied to most any refrigeration or cooling systems. IceCOLD® will reduce your carbon footprint while realizing significant operational savings on your energy costs.

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Graybar Energy, headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, is a leading supplier of electrical balance of system components for energy projects. Leveraging Graybar Canada’s vast network of branches and warehousing, Graybar Energy is a key supplier to projects all across the country. Graybar Energy has proven experience supplying components to jobs varying in size from residential portfolios, commercial rooftop through to utility scale energy farms.

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Just Vertical, when urban dwellers have access to fresh, affordable, produce year-round, everyone wins.

The ability to grow food promotes resilience in cities and communities. Environmental damage (fertilizer run-off, ocean “dead zones”, topsoil degradation, water usage, food miles), is mitigated. Just Vertical wants to empower you to be a part of the greater solution, and enjoy all the personal benefits that come along with it.

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Senseware is a full-stack IoT solution of hardware, software and cloud data. Their out-of-the-box smart building solution offers a simple way to integrate, monitor and control building systems in real-time.

Senseware provides a cost-effective and secure wireless solution to get critical mechanical, electrical, plumbing and environmental data from your facility. It’s easy to install and can be deployed as a stand-alone solution.

Senseware gives insights and alerts to increase operational visibility and proactively manage your facility. Identify opportunities for performance improvement, and easily share insights across teams and organizations.

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Signify is the world leader in connected LED lighting products, systems and services. Through their innovations, they unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world.

They serve professional and consumer markets, transforming urban spaces, communities, work places, stadiums, buildings, shopping malls and homes. Their products, systems and services help their customers to maximize energy use, drive efficiencies and deliver new experiences and services.

Signify is pioneering innovation and the evolution of the lighting industry. They combine their deep experience in lighting with technologies such as secure cloud storage, data analytics and software applications. As the lighting company for the Internet of Things, they are committed to extending their leadership in connected lighting.

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Twisted Frame is a multi-award-winning, full-service creative media agency that produces educational and promotional content for organizations and businesses.

Since they started in 2010, they have worked with many of Canada’s well-known brands and created live action & animated content.

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