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Infusing Innovation:

Smart Metering Solutions

Metering Solutions

The Enliten team brings extensive experience in the engineering, installation, and implementation of metering solutions.  Lead by a management team with more than 25 years experience in the energy industry, and unrivaled knowledge and experience in designing, setting up and operating metering and smart metering systems, both in regulated and private applications. Enliten brings a wealth of expertise ensuring successful completion of your metering or energy management project.

Technical Support


Commissioning Services

Enliten provides technical support services on multiple types of metering (electricity, water, thermal and gas meters) and related equipment either on behalf of the manufacturer or the client.  We are able to support any metering installation regardless of size or complexity.


Enliten is also able to provide full meter commissioning services. Meter commissioning can be a challenging task to undertake, as a high level of detail and precision is required for the proper completion of the project. With Enliten's experience, we can bring all the needed expertise to complete the job efficiently and accurately. 


Project Engineering, Design and Management

Enliten can manage the entire process to ensure the successful completion of your metering or sub-metering project’s goals and objectives, on-time and on-budget.


Enliten can assist with the planning, organizing and managing of resources.  We can also include preparing the proper, stamped engineering drawings, arranging for Electrical Safety Authority (“ESA”) inspection (if required), and installation of the meters and data collectors.  We ensure a reliable connection between the meters and the data collectors (PLC, wired or wireless), programming and commissioning of the meters and data collectors and also all software implementation.

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Electric Vehicle Charging

Metering Solutions

Smart Charging is an umbrella term that defines all intelligent functionalities in charging stations that optimize the charging infrastructure. Smart Charging creates and distributes the available power in an efficient and flexible manner. 

Regardless of the Smart Charging strategy employed, Enliten can provide the necessary metering solutions to ensure that the right vehicle, owner or tenant is billed for their electricity and charging station usage.

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Regulatory Compliance

Unique to the industry, Enliten's experience and understanding of the regulated environment (Federal and Provincial regulators - i.e. Measurement Canada, Ontario Energy Board, Electrical Safety Authority, etc.) brings valuable knowledge, especially to the multi-residential market.

Whether it is the new regulations that are coming into place for thermal metering, by Measurement Canada, Measurement Canada's mandate on enforcement or understanding the Ontario Energy's Boards policies and procedures, Enliten can help you ensure regulatory compliance.

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