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HVAC System Upgrades

If your HVAC system is between 5 and 15 years old, it is often not cost-effective to completely replace the system.  However, there are HVAC solutions that can be added to an existing system to greatly improve workplace productivity and building energy efficiency. 

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Standard HVAC systems are typically oversized and blow excessively cold air on occupants in order to control summertime humidity levels.  This is one of the ways that people suffer from HVAC-related problems that reduce employee productivity.  However, businesses are waking up to the benefits of having a high-quality indoor environment.


Enliten determines the optimal combination of productivity enhancing and energy efficiency improving HVAC upgrades such as:

  • Humidity control systems

  • Automated and manual zone controls

  • Energy recovery ventilators

  • Improved fresh air ventilation

  • Energy saving economizers

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System Optimization

Building systems are typically designed and installed using rough estimates and rules of thumb.  Green building methods, instead, involve collaborations among engineers, owners, and other consultants to better determine the building’s heating and cooling needs, which optimizes occupant comfort and energy savings. 

Measurement and verification of system performance is necessary post occupancy in order to ensure that businesses have an optimal work environment for their people’s health, satisfaction, and work performance as well as an energy efficient building.  Enliten will fine-tune and optimize your existing building systems in order to ensure ideal temperature and humidity levels for each season and improved natural lighting conditions.  System optimization improves employee productivity and saves energy with typical payback periods of less than 1 year. 

Geothermal System
HVAC Replacement

It is an ideal investment to make a better-insulated and energy efficient building at the same time as a planned HVAC system replacement because in a better-insulated building the new HVAC system can be downsized.  A right-sized HVAC system after an energy retrofit can give large savings on this major capital expense. 


During an HVAC replacement, Enliten will consider these HVAC technologies:

  • Heat pumps

  • Geothermal systems

  • Hydronics

  • Other high-efficiency systems

Enliten's other Sustainability Solutions

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