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Indoor Water Features, Plantscaping and

Landscape Design

Sustainability and green building features should not be hidden only in the mechanical room.  Indoor natural systems, such as water features and plantscaping, connect employees with the environmental vision of their company, bringing sustainability to the forefront of business practices. 

Water Feature AdobeStock_201344115.jpeg

These indoor natural systems have been shown to have large benefits on employee health and productivity by reducing sick leave, increasing the speed of work completion, and increasing the time employees spend at their desks.


Plantscaping can be designed to purify the air and water features can reduce stress and improve productivity in the workplace.  Furthermore, outdoor landscaping has an equivalent positive effect on employee productivity.  Enliten and its partners will design and coordinate these natural systems to improve views and environmental quality in the workplace in order to maximize employee productivity. 

Enliten's other Sustainability Solutions

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