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Daylighting and Automated Lighting Systems

Incorporating daylighting strategies has been shown to greatly improve employee productivity and satisfaction.  Human beings have a deep need for natural light from the sun, which reduces stress, increases happiness, and improves sleep.  Natural daylighting strategies can be combined with automated lighting systems for excellent opportunities in energy cost savings and environmental sustainability benefits, and these systems have payback periods of less than 1 year when employee productivity benefits are included in payback calculations. 

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Enliten will optimize daylighting strategies to maximize natural light and views while minimizing glare and controlling heat gain with these technologies:

  • Streamlined external shading

  • Reflective and daylighting blinds

  • Open ceiling, in other words exposed ceiling beams

  • Light shelves

  • Skylights and tubular skylight systems

Automated lighting systems will incorporate daylight sensors and advanced occupancy sensors in order to automatically dim the artificial lighting when daylight levels are sufficient, reducing unnecessary electricity usage. 

Enliten's other Sustainability Solutions

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