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How We Help Clients

Business Meeting

At Enliten, we are more than consultants; we are developers, building your vision into reality.  Enliten helps schools and other organizations deliver projects for environmental sustainability and better health for people.  

During a project, Enliten engages and supports the people and organizations within your building and gives you quantitative results on improved health and safety as well as productivity and quality of life.  With the right support and direction, organizations can engage their people in creating an attractive, healthy, and productive environment that also encourages a collective vision for the future.  

The Positive Vision Survey

Enliten has partnered with Heartbeat A.I. to help schools and other organizations develop a positive vision for the next 5 years.  Our A.I. language processing system can measure emotions.  Our surveys can find the ideas that motivate school families to believe in their child's future by finding what brings the most Joy, Trust, Love, Hope, and Inspiration.

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Enliten Certification

Sustainable development, ecology and env

With its simple criteria and clear, quantifiable results, the Enliten Certification makes energy retrofits and healthy design projects accessible to the greater majority of organizations and building owners. 


Getting a building or office certified as being sustainable rewards businesses and building owners for pursuing sustainability with positive PR and marketing while increasing the value of their organization and building. 

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Your Sustainable Solutions Integrator

At Enliten, we don’t like to call ourselves sustainability consultants because we don’t believe in only giving companies early feedback and support; we are results driven.  We believe in forming lasting partnerships and delivering the best ROIs.  

Enliten delivers sustainability and employee productivity benefits by analyzing a client’s workplace and engaging building users in order to create the best green building and healthy building solutions.  We deliver the best ROIs by focusing on the following technologies and systems.  

Sustainable Solutions


Enliten Certification

Experts agree that improving the building user experience is the largest financial benefit of a green building.  


Our simple certification demonstrates and displays improvements in sustainability while showing our clients' dedication to improving the building user experience. 

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Daylighting and Automated Lighting Systems

Human beings have a deep need for natural light from the sun, which reduces stress, increases happiness, and improves sleep.  Natural daylighting strategies can be combined with automated lighting systems for excellent opportunities in energy savings and productivity benefits.  

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Building Envelope Systems

A building envelope retrofit can give a business a modern and fresh look and can improve the insulation, airtightness, and durability of the building. Improving the building envelope not only saves energy, but greatly improves thermal comfort delivering improvements in employee productivity. 

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Health & Well-Being

Enliten is pleased to offer Health & Well-Being Services through its partnership with BluElephant Co. 


Through the discipline of Yoga, BluElephant engages in a holistic approach to life.  Come, learn what it means to live this discipline and to draw connections between mindfulness and sustainability.

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HVAC Systems 

Sustainable HVAC solutions can work with an existing system to greatly improve workplace productivity and building energy efficiency. Also, the cost of an HVAC replacement can be reduced with an energy retrofit because a better-insulated building allows for a smaller, less expensive HVAC system.

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Indoor Water Features and  Plantscaping

Sustainability and green building features should not be hidden only in the mechanical room.  Indoor natural systems such as water features and plantscaping boost employee productivity and connect employees with the environmental vision of their company, bringing sustainability to the forefront of business practices. 


Sustainable Office Design

Choosing high-quality natural materials with low VOCs has been shown to improve employee health and boost cognitive function scores. Sustainable office design projects focus on providing a high-quality office that attracts and retains top industry talent, boosts employee productivity, and protects the environment.  

Sustainble Solutions
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