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I started my first business when I was 10. Fished golf balls out of the river, cleaned them up, and sold them back to the people on the golf course. A simple Titleist was 25 cents. A Dunlop, 50 cents. A Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear, a dollar. 

You have to know the values of what you are bringing forward.  I’ve never forgotten that.

Everything starts with Values!

At enliten our Core Values are Love, Integrity and Transparency.

The last two values speak for themselves and easily understood in a business context, however, Love is not a word you hear spoken in business.  Yet, it is needed and too often missing.   This is obviously not about Love in the romantic sense, it is simply that deep underlying peaceful energy that connects all of us and once we are in touch with it then it is easy to know how to treat each other.  It is the basis from which our other values spring.


I am an Entrepreneur and a licensed Professional Engineer. I have extensive expertise in the Energy and Sustainability sectors where I see a New Emerging Energy Future.  Energy is something greater than simply power for heating, cooling and transportation, it is the force that propels people and organizations. This unique take on energy is just one of the ways I work to foster innovation throughout my businesses.  I am willing to challenge the status quo, to help others see opportunities and ideas from a different perspective, all while holding to the values of Love, Integrity and Transparency. 
I have always had a passion for creating and building, along with a reputation for creating and leading strong teams.  I have demonstrated these abilities in the corporate world as well as in the companies I have developed and nurtured throughout the years. 

Now my focus with enliten is creating sustainable solutions that integrate energy efficiency with healthy environments; this has been shown to have the largest positive impact on people’s lives as well as an organization’s success. When businesses take care of their people, the people then take care of the customers and then the customers are what ultimately ensure the businesses success.

enliten helps clients integrate green building solutions that focus on boosting employee Health & Well-Being, improving the indoor environment and also ensuring that the people are engaged as part of the solution.  Energy savings and environmental sustainability are truly value adds as part of this overall approach.  Our definition of a green building is one that is good for people and good for the planet.

I am leading enliten to help create this New Emerging Energy Future for Canada.


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