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Enliten Certification

Many building certifications involve putting check marks (✅) in boxes on a very long list of recommended actions.  Sometimes these actions don't make financial sense and sometimes they don't deliver results.  


Our simpler alternative green building certification delivers clear results on sustainability and the building user experience.  Enliten certification helps businesses and organizations make the greatest social impact while taking actions that make good business sense.  


Enliten certification involves completing a building retrofit or sustainable office project demonstrating measured improvements in two key areas: 

  1. Greenhouse gas emissions

  2. The building user experience

Unlike typical building certifications, ours requires results to be measured and we engage building users in order to deliver a project that will not only save costs, but also increase revenues and business growth for our clients.  

Employee Productivity

For business owners, taking care of the people in your building or place of work boosts employee productivity, which can increase revenues for your business.  Research has shown that the productivity improvements of a green building tend to outweigh the financial benefits of saving energy at least 2:1.  See our article, Sustainability is Good for Business.  Getting Enliten Certification demonstrates improvements in employee productivity and shows employees that you are dedicated to improving the employee experience.  

Tenant Satisfaction

For building owners and managers, taking care of the people in your building attracts quality tenants, boosts occupancy rates and gives rental premiums, contributing to your net operating income.  Getting Enliten Certified demonstrates a dedication to the environment and to your tenants' satisfaction.  

Rating System

  5%  reduction in GHGs​       +   


10%  reduction in GHGs​       +


20%  reduction in GHGs​       +


30%  reduction in GHGs​       +


50%  reduction in GHGs​       +

  5%  improvement on occupant questionnaires  


  5%  improvement on occupant questionnaires  


10%  improvement on occupant questionnaires  


15%  improvement on occupant questionnaires  


25%  improvement on occupant questionnaires 

Enliten Certified


Enliten Bronze


Enliten Silver


Enliten Gold


Enliten Platinum

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs)

Greenhouse gas emissions are measured before the project begins to create a benchmark, then after the project to demonstrate improvements.  GHGs are measured using industry best practices and measurements are focused on the areas of sustainability that the client wishes to improve, including any energy flows where there is potential waste.  Some examples include

  1. Building energy usage

  2. Business process waste

  3. Organizational logistics

The Building User Experience

Enliten engages building users on the sustainability project, including tenants or employees of the client.  We administer questionnaires before and after the retrofit project designed to understand, quantify, and improve the building user experience.  


Each survey examines 3 core areas:

  1. Comfort

  2. Health 

  3. Satisfaction

And also 2 distinct areas chosen from sets of questions specific to each type of building user.  These possible distinct questionnaire sets include the following:

  • Productivity

  • Engagement 

  • Learning 

  • Inspiration 

  • and Community 

Enliten uses these self-rated assessments to inform actions on the project and to quantify the total improvement in the building user experience.  

Enliten's other Sustainability Solutions

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