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COVID-19 Employer's Guide to Reopening, Checklist & accompanying Posters

COVID-19 Employer's Guide to Reopening, Checklist & accompanying Posters

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Enliten has prepared the following manual to guide employers in establishing policies to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace while following all the Ontario Safety Guidelines.  This COVID-19 Employers Guide to Reopening can stand alone in giving all essential steps necessary to protect people and businesses, but it also includes embedded links to resources and guidance from Canada, Ontario, and international authorities to give employers access to all important information. 


This manual also goes beyond the minimum safety guidelines outlined by the province and provides a holistic perspective on how to create and maintain a healthy workplace during the pandemic.


While this manual was designed specifically to meet Ontario, Canada's guidelines it is generic enough to be used for any business any where in the world. 


This product combines the Reopening Manual, Checklist for Employers and Workplace Postsers.

  • Employer's Reopening Guide, Checklist and Posters

    'Zip' File contains 8 documents:

    • Covid-19 Checklist
    • Employer's Guide to Reopening Manual
    • Safe & Clean Workplace Poster
    • Employee Mental Health Poster
    • Distancing & other Strategies Poster
    • Employee Health & Productivity Poster
    • HVAC & Air Quality Poster
    • Saftey Solutions Poster
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