Environmental Protection

(Walk-Thru Tunnel)

Xtreme Opt-Clean Cube.png

One of the many options being explored to allow for the re-opening of various facilities and venues is to have the ability to protect against the risk of cross-contamination.  In collaboration with the engineering team at Xtreme Cube Corporation, Proguardeum Inc (the US parent company of Proguardeum Canada) has launched the Xtreme Opti-Clean Cube (XOCC), the first of its kind step through mobile station to mitigate risk against pathogens from entering into buildings.  The Xtreme Opti-Clean Cube (XOCC) disperses within an ultra-fine mist of Proguardeum Optimum™, a non-toxic, EPA/FDA approved hypochlorous solution that is safe on skin, clothing and requires no personal protective equipment. 

In partnership with Proguardeum Canada, Enliten is able to offer the Xtreme Opti Clean Cube throughout Canada.

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