COVID-19 Reopening Strategies

COVID-19: Safety, Love and Solidarity

We extend our care to all those suffering or struggling during the COVID-19 crisis, we believe that the world can come together in solidarity to overcome this issue.  This can be a time for being close to loved ones and remembering what matters most in life.  











At Enliten, we picture a world where the built environment takes care of the wellbeing of the people in it.  This includes ensuring that an organization's Health & Safety procedures protect and support its people as places remain open or reopen during the COVID-19 crisis.  

To do this Enliten utilizes the expertise of its team with their backgrounds and training in:​ 

  • Human Biology Health and Disease

  • Health Studies 

  • Environmental Science

  • Extensive Safety Training


Enliten is helping organizations and property owners/managers with their COVID-19 Health & Safety procedures, including their reopening plans:

  • An Employers guide to Reopening Manual & Posters for businesses  for purchase and download

  • Services to provide Individualized Disinfecting Procedures and Plans

  • A 'COVID-101' Re-Opening Checklist 

  • An Covid-19 Employers Guide to Reopening