Disinfecting Tunnels

One of the many options being explored to allow for the re-opening of various facilities and venues is the use of disinfecting tunnels.  Essentially these tunnels spray a disinfectant onto people as they walk through the tunnel and into the facility in an effort to remove or deactivate viruses and contaminants from their person. 

In partnership with Proguardeum Canada, Enliten is able to offer a dry-mist disinfecting tunnel that uses Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL).  In collaboration with the engineering team at Xtreme Cube Corporation, Proguardeum Corporation (the US parent company of Proguardeum Canada) has launched the Xtreme Opti-Clean Cube (XOCC), the first of its kind medical-grade step through mobile station to mitigate risk and disinfect individuals entering buildings.  

The XOCC is expected to be available in Canada by September 2020.

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