People-Focused Approach

We help clients integrate green building solutions that focus on improving people's satisfaction with their workplace.  By taking care of people, a business can ensure profitability, and at the same time we can save energy and the environment.  

Our people-focused approach provides clients with a workplace that is ideal for employee productivity and happiness with these essential benefits:

  • Fresh indoor air quality

  • Natural lighting and views

  • Balanced thermal comfort

These three green building features have been shown to deliver ten times on their investment by boosting employee productivity and lowering operating costs, all while helping to protect the environment. 

Enliten delivers sustainability and employee productivity benefits by analyzing a client’s workplace and engaging tenants and employees in order to create the best green building solutions.  Building users are engaged by: 

  • Occupant satisfaction and comfort surveys

  • Acting on feedback from building users

  • Meetings and presentations

  • Building a collective vision for sustainability and the future

Employee Engagement

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